Top 10 Reasons – For Becoming a DSA Certified Designer

Finding your way in the career world can be an overwhelming task. Many have found huge success and unmatched satisfaction as certified residential designers and decorators following training through the Designers Society of America (DSA). Offering a professional career training program, DSA can help direct you to your dream career. Here are ten reasons why becoming a DSA certified designer is a good choice:

1. Unlike the commercial side, residential designers and decorators form lasting bonds with clients, taking a personal interest in creating a home that everyone in the household will enjoy for years to come.

2. Being a DSA Certified Residential Designer offers a wide range of opportunity for showcasing your talents. Your DSA training gives clients the reassurance that they are dealing with a professional who will deliver nothing short of perfection.

3. Ongoing support and networking opportunities available through your association with DSA will serve you well into your career. We encourage our designers to call on us for resources and support conducive to early and continued success. Our website is full of information useful to both our members and potential clients in search of a certified designer.

4. Increased visibility through DSA training helps fast track careers in that the recognition and branding from our society lend themselves to trust among clients seeking a Certified Residential Designer.

5. Our at home study program for the Certified Residential Designer (CRD) provides the information and training needed to be successful in this industry, while giving students the opportunity to study and train in the convenience of their own home.

6. A career as an Residential Designer is highly respected in residential design build today’s market, and clients in search of a designer will take great comfort in your abilities as a DSA certified designer.

7. As a DSA designer and a member “of the trade,” you give your clients access to top luxury manufacturers, giving clients unlimited resources for fabric, furniture, accessories and floor and wall coverings that today’s consumer wouldn’t typically access.

8. You’ll earn the respect of your clients by taking the lead on their design project and helping keep them within budget while also helping prioritize each aspect of the project.

9. With DSA certification, you have the freedom to take the lead regarding which projects you take on and how many clients you want to juggle at one time.

10. For some, this is just the first step in their plans to eventually seek a collegiate design education. For many, the DSA certification program is all the jumpstart they need to launch their successful residential design careers.

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