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Thermal Curtains and Drapes: Tips on how to Care for Them

LG JW-Q18WUZA 5 Star Window Air Conditioner Price and FeaturesThermal curtains and drapes are not like your ordinary window treatments. They have a lining, and they are made up of two layers: a decorative layer made from silk, cotton, or velvet and an insulating layer made from any material that doesn’t conduct heat lg window ac hot and cold. These window treatments are especially designed to improve energy efficiency in a home. They can protect your home against hot and cold weather. They can prevent hot air or cold air from escaping the room. Hence, you will be capable to save more bucks on electricity.

Thermal curtains are typically made from heavy materials such as faux silk, polyester blend, and suede. Sometimes, a rubber backing is also used to make them more energy efficient as well as help reduce the noise being heard in the room. This rubber backing can also help reduce the light passing through the windows, so you can sleep better during the day. Contrary to popular belief, thermal curtains are not only available in dark colors. In fact, they are available in a variety of textures and colors.

The insulating properties of these window treatments are caused by their thick materials. The colors, on the other hand, can help reduce noise and provide sun protection. You may even find thermal-backed valances that help protect houses. They are available in a wide range of colors and textures. When it comes to cleaning thermal curtains, you should follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer to keep them functional and in good condition. See to it that you care for the curtains well so they can last for a long period of time.

Keep in mind that some thermal curtains are only meant to be dry-cleaned. Hence, you should not clean them with soap and water. Take them to the dry-cleaners to brush away the dust, dirt and other allergens stuck on them. If they are machine washable, however, make sure that you only use a mild detergent. Using harsh detergents might damage their fabrics. Add the necessary amount of detergent and let them dissolve before placing the curtains inside. In addition, you should set the cycle on your washing machine to ‘gentle’ and the water temperature to ‘cold’.

Remember not to overfill the washing machine as this could lead to insulation damage. The curtains should also be loosely placed inside it. Once you are done washing, you should get the thermal curtains from the washing machine and dry them in the dryer. Adding fabric softener is no longer necessary. See to it that you set the temperature to ‘low heat’ so as not to cause any damage to the fabric. When they are dry, get them quickly to avoid wrinkling them. You may also remove the curtains from the dryer during the time that yet damp, and then hang them up to dry.

Thermal curtains are ideal for any room in the house, even for the bathroom. Just make sure that you choose the ones that are machine washable and made from waterproof materials. Also, they should be thin and short. If you use curtains that are made from thick fabrics, there might be a tendency for them to acquire mildew in the long run. With the technological advancement, we are introduced to new terms and ideas that are designed to help us in our day-to-day activities and to improve our lifestyle. Engineers have to find ways to combat the ever-increasing temperature due to the thinning of the earth’s ozone layer. With this thought in mind, they have developed the idea of creating uPVC windows and uPVC window frames. But what exactly are uPVC windows and frames?

uPVC stands for Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It is another type of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride that is stronger and more durable than the commonly used PVC. It is also resistant to chemicals which are now widely used in the home construction industry; especially in the manufacturing of windows and doors frames. uPVC windows are pre-fabricated using mainly uPVC materials. Typically, they are combined with a durable type of glass to create a more classy and elegant look.

If you have ever considered replacing your old wooden windows or your rusty glass window frames with a more innovative and classy look, there are a considerable amount of window styles to choose from. If wood is your preference, then timber windows may not be an option. What about using aluminum windows? Yes, aluminum windows may not rust however they are very poor thermal insulators. The heat from the outside part of the home can easily be transmitted into the entire house making it hot. Using uPVC replacement windows are your best choice nowadays since they are designed for utmost security and energy efficiency. You can either purchase pre-fabricated windows that will easily fit as replacements to your existing outdated windows or you may decide to opt for a more custom design. If your only design preference is to look different than your neighbors’, then pre-fabricated windows are still a viable choice since most uPVC manufacturers have offer an extensive collection of different design and colors to choose from.

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