The Poker Mask

Many people in both the world of poker and also in life itself hide, hide behind a poker mask. While some people in real life have mental illness and a psychological reason for not showing their real self to the world around them, other people have no real excuse for not showing their true colours. Funnily enough, the people who hide behind a mask in the game of life make great actors and actresses and also great poker tournament players with great poker strategy. Or do they?

To determine if a person who hides behind a poker mask is indeed a great player with an underlying poker strategy, we need to work out why they are hiding. Obviously if psychological illness is involved it is unlikely that the mask is going to help them at a poker table. For the record, I don’t mean those people with mental illnesses such as depression. I mean those people hiding behind a poker mask due to childhood trauma or the like causing them to snap in the brain, I mean really snap too!

If a person hides behind a poker mask due to fear of what people think, again they are not going to make the greatest of poker players. Indeed these people who hide behind masks can be over run and slaughtered at a poker table easily. It may be possible though they would go dewapoker OK playing online poker.

If a person hides behind a poker mask as they don’t want to know you, if they hide behind the mask to avoid you knowing them as a real person – this is when the good poker player steps in! These people have skill and perhaps a great poker strategy. They have complete control over which people they show their true colours too.

In fact the poker face constitutes what we in poker call a “tell”. A “tell” is any physical reaction, kind of behaviour, or habit that tells the other players information about your hand. If you can accurately read your opponent’s poker tells, the frequency with which you make the right decisions against them will increase and you will win more often. The poker face constitutes a way to disguise your poker tells or send a different message to your poker opponents.

A person able to set his poker face makes him/ her brilliant poker player and their poker mask becomes their greatest of poker strategy. Unfortunately, there are a ton of these people who are far from humanly nice, but hey! Being nice doesn’t come into place while on the felt!

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