The Church at Jerusalem

Time has not stood still for over 2000 years. The church of Jerusalem centuries ago experienced several demonic attacks as the church today I ask, “What happen? Why were these people so blind to the fact of legalism or conflict who is jesus over circumcision and other ideas? These people remind me of a guided missile without the guidance system yet the system was already in place.

I continue to pray and ask for direction I’m reminded by the Holy Spirit this is why you are writing on this subject because you are very much like those people today and yesterday. I have given you my Spirit and life to serve my purpose for me and you want to serve this world and every thing in it. You cry out to me and I hear you and my love for you is much more you can bear in this world. So why don’t you follow me? I want you to serve me and me only. You are writing not to please men or yourself, you are writing this paper to seek me and through these words people will follow by your examples. You ask why you were born in Las vegas. The desert is dry much like peoples’ hearts. The ground is dry and every once in while the ground will become wet with my Spirit, they drink and once their mouths are filled, they turn away. You have walked the barren desert in search of me and you have picked up many rocks and throw them far, you see my son that was me. You have picked up many pebbles on your journey and quenched your thirst yet you threw them to the ground and you continued to walk in your path and not mine. The desert becomes hot during the day and cold during the night, your walk has become extremely difficult by day. You are searching the days are long and your body is weak from heat and you thirst but no water to drink My people have walked in the same desert and yet they cried for help and I listen and provided and they turned away like you. You have become focused upon your own survival and not in the days ahead, you are focused within yourself and not others. The spirit of centralization rests upon you. This was prophetically given to me prior to writing this paper.

I believe that Matthew 16: 15-20 was the beginning of why one denomination has misled the foundational principals and others to follow. “Who is the Rock”? It was quite clear who the Rock was and still is the Christ. Flesh and blood didn’t give Peter the revelation. Let’s move on to the real facts. I’m looking at Acts 2: 14 this was Peter’s Sermon, speaking to men of Judea and speaking the words of the prophet Joel and they knew these words as they were taught all this before. I could see how angry the Pharisees were starting to become Acts 2: 22 and being told you, a man attested by God to you by miracles and wonders that God did through him and have taken by lawless hands, have crucified and put to death. I’ve thought about this many times and I believe that most had to know who they were dealing with. But because they had a reputation and a certain look to keep they were threaten by Christ existence. What did Peter tell them to do, repent can you see the look on their faces? As we begin to see the decline of the Jerusalem church in Acts 7 you the stiff necked and uncircumcised. The father’s persecuted prophets or had them killed because they spoke of the coming of the Just one. They were so angry with Stephen because he spoke the truth he received his death by stoning. Stephen was the first Apostle to give his life for the gospel he was also a Deacon and one of the original seven Acts 6. He was known for his spiritual qualities of faith, wisdom, grace and power.

The church of Jerusalem began to decline when Peter and Paul quit preaching and teaching the Christ and the Glory of God also declined. The decline consisted of four – fold spirits – Judaistic, Centralization, Sectarianism and pride. The Judaistic spirit is a spirit of legalism and bondage. Acts 15: 1 – 5 spoke about keeping the law of Moses if you are not Jewish you can’t be saved. Teaching this said doctrine of salvation talked about external good works. Also, they believed that circumcision and keeping the Sabbath Day were necessary for salvation.

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