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Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED TV Offers 3D Functionality

The Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED TV is a whole new LED backlit TV set from Sony. Released in September 2010, this Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 isn’t any common LED 3D TV. This Telly offers built in full High Definition 3D, so you can see 3D enabled motion pictures and TV programming using the supplied shutter glasses to achieve impressive 3D TV right in your lounge.

The 3D Television set is determined to take 2010/11 to a whole new level of uniqueness, having much more programs being produced for 3D empowered TVs and much more movies released within the structure. The Sony KDL40LX903 40″ LED 3D TV allow you to take full advantage of this brand-new eclipse on tv engineering from the outset.

The Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED Television set offers a remarkable as well as stylish monolithic design and style, with a single flat sheet front to appear amazing even when not being used. Apart from the 3D Television engine, this Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED TV is also a advanced LED backlit Television set as well. The actual LED edge backlighting technology boasts a far deeper assortment of colours and blacks in addition to a powerful contrast ratio far better than a standard LCD.

The 1080p full HD works in partnership with an array of Sony systems to supply an incredibly dramatic and sharp picture on the screen. This Bravia Engine 3 offers more impressive depth on pictures and the Scene Select permits you to optimise the visuals for different uses. With Sony Motion flow 200Hz solutions gives a refresh rate 4 times that of standard Television sets to ensure fast-paced action runs loads smoother and a lot more authentic.

The audio capabilities within the Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED TV match the visuals, with 10W + 10W audio speakers in addition to S-Force Front Surround offering the user complete digital multi-channel audio in the rear-mounted sound system. Being rear positioned would mean the speakers are optimised to the multi-channel surround sound as well as being invisible from the front, helping the design and style.

This Sony Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED TV really exceeds expectation in it’s purpose as a full home media hub. Make use of DNLA design innovation or Wi-Fi to connect to your house network or net gain access to media such as films, music files and photographs. Connect with the web to view full screen videos from YouTube and Dailymotion due to Sony Bravia Internet Video on this Sony Bravia KDL40LX903 LED TV.

This KDL-40LX903 includes plenty of standard connection ports for example HDMI, Scart, PC Input, Composite and USB Ports. As well as being thoroughly WiFi integrated for connecting to your home network in only a few second, so you will have no waiting around.

We have a website where you can compare Sony KDL40LX903 Prices that are available online at this time. On this website, we also feature a comprehensive range of 3D LED TVs from Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic. The website also features, Plasma and LCD TVs too if you want to know more about what they offer. Other reviews on the site include 3D glasses and 3D enabled Blu-Ray DVD Players.


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