Some of the things you may need to understand prior to booking a spray tan treatment

That’s why zz have come up with a list of the key things to mull over before having a spray tan:The active ingredient in a spray on tan is a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and even though it is non-toxic some people can still have an allergic reaction to it. As a result of this people who haven’t experienced spray tanning before should really undergo a patch test before they use the tanning booth for the first time. Even though this form of allergy is very rare,

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 it’s definitely a good idea to have the patch test done before you get a tan! After all it is always better to be safe rather than sorry especially when you consider that the DHA will affect the whole of your body so an allergic reaction will be quite large and not localised.There are Lost Mary certain things that should be done before a person goes for a spray tan. Scrubbing your skin to reveal new layers and remove old cells is essential before any spray tan. This is because in order for the spray tan to be effective, a person will have to refrain from having a shower for at least 12 hours after the application. Before the tan has applied and in order to ensure an even glow the individual is advised to wax or use a razor to clean the skin of hair before their tanning application. Furthermore, it is essential to come to the tanning salon in loose fitting, dark clothing as after the application the solution is likely to rub off onto their clothes.It is important to know exactly how long a spray tan will last and the time required between sessions. Everyday activity such as bathing sheds dead skin cells and reveals new skin, which causes natural tans to fade. The average person can expect their tan to last anywhere from five to ten days, with most lasting a week. Although if the person uses a daily moisturiser after application then the effects can last slightly longer. That said, results vary as everybody is different and their skin will therefore react differently to the spray tanning fluid.The cost of the spray tanning procedure will change depending on where the salon is located and the specific service that a person requires. Prices also vary depending on whether a person books in advance or books multiple sessions. For instance spray tanning from usually costs about £25.00 per person, but this does include post tan care items to help clients get the most out of the procedure. Making a saving is possible if a customer books in advance. Some salons even offer reduced rates if you book many tanning sessions in advance. There are spray tan parties too where the host can get a spray tan without spending a penny.It’s safe to say that spray tanning booths don’t appeal to everyone and in fact whether a person decides to use one should depend upon their complexion. Spray tanning fluid works by enhancing and complimenting natural skin tones so it is therefore better suited to people with darker skin. This means that, someone who has a Mediterranean complexion might definitely benefit from stepping into a spray tanning booth. On the other hand someone with fair skin may feel that the bronze effect doesn’t look as good as it does on others and therefore choose not to go for it.If you decide to follows these guidelines you know if a spray on tan is idea for you.

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