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The Garrett Metal Detector Company is a family-owned and family-run business. Charles and Eleanor Garrett opened for business in 1964 with the motto: fivem vehicles“To develop and manufacture the best possible multi-purpose metal detectors based on the most advanced technology possible”.

I purchased my first Garrett detector in 1971, a multi-coil Coin Hunter, and have owned many other units without ever having to send one to the factory for repairs. In recent years I have owned about ten GTA’s and GTI’s and found them all to be excellent deep-seeking instruments for both coin and relic hunting. Today’s review is the result of my desire to see how the GTP 1350 performs as it appears to take the best features of the GTA and GTI series. The Garrett engineers sought to produce a detector with features not found on any other brands and yet making it simple to operate. One of the biggest frustrations users have with all the new technology is that the learning curve is overwhelming and as a result many will give up on the hobby. While the 1350 is sophisticated, it does not take a great deal of time to master its functions and meet with success in finding treasure.

The GTP 1350 looks like its counterparts in the GTA And GTI Series, as the control housing is basically the same. Garrett has fine-tuned this housing and shaft over a period of years and it is proven to be ergonomically designed for all size users. The feature that sets this detector apart from all others is the unique target sizing feature. The GTI’s introduced us to target imaging. Not only did the detector give target ID and depth it also gave an image of the target so user would know whether the item was worth digging. I found this to be great at the beach as well as on the farm or pasture when relic hunting. Items like soda cans and horse shoes will sometimes give a positive coin indication at deeper levels. However, the imaging feature would show that the item was larger than a coin, so bypass and go on to next target.

The GTI 1500 and 2500 both were great to use for coin and relic hunting and stopped me from digging shoes and cans at more than a foot deep. The 1350 handles the imaging in a different manner. The Profiling mode, which can be turned on or off, gives three target sizes on the LCD screen. Coin-sized objects register as small, targets up to 4 inches in diameter register as medium, and bigger targets will register as large. The targets are sweep-distance dependent but not effected by sweep speed. After a short time of using the 1350 in the profiling mode I was hooked on it.

unlike the GTI series which requires special Imaging coils to provide that information. This will save money when purchasing additional coils as it allows any GTA coil such as the Crossfire II or DD coils to be used in the profiling mode. I love it because I have ten GTA’s and GTI’s and own every coil out there and the GTP 1350 becomes the most versatile deep-seeking detector I own.

All adjustments on the GTP 1350 can be made easily through the Menu option and touchpads on the face plate of the control housing. The 1350 has five independent discrimination search modes: Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Zero and Custom. The first four are preset at the factory but all five are adjustable. This permits the users to fine tune or tweak the system to their specific needs without any complicated programming.

The discrimination circuitry allows users to accept or reject specific targets without any loss of sensitivity as typically occurs on most other non-notch detectors. This also aids in minimizing the amount of trash recovered from a trashy site. Selecting what targets to accept or reject is extremely easy and is one of the most highly-rated features of the Garrett GTA & GTI Series and is now found on the GTP 1350. The GTP 1350 is powered by eight AA batteries which will provide about 25 hours of use. Nicad batteries can be used with no loss of performance. A nice feature incorporated on the GTP is the removable battery pack initially introduced on the GTA line. If weight is a factor, simply slide the pack off the armrest and clip it to your belt to drop the weight of the detector to just over 2. 5 pounds!

The GTP performed flawlessly in my test gardens and was fun to use at the beach too. It found and accurately identified all of my six and eight inch targets in both the coin and trash gardens. I recovered many coins as deep as 10 inches at my favorite park beach in Tarpon Springs, FL. The 10 X 14 DD coil that belongs with my GTI 1500 also handled the worst mineralized ground I know of in Tampa Bay and produced nine Wheaties, 2 Indians and a 1917 Canadian quarter. I recommend this detector to serious coin and relic hunters who want high performance and features not found on other detectors in its price range. Recently, the price has dropped to about $550. 00 for a new machine with the Garrett 2 year warranty. I purchased mine on ebay for $340. 00 in nearly new condition. I am not concerned about warranty as i have never had to have a Garrett repaired in more than 35 years of using them. Here’s to “diggin it”! Larry.

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