PC Satellite TV Offers Unique Benefits For Travelers And Sports Enthusiasts

If you like to go camping and RVing, or if you are just a business road warrior, and you own a laptop with Wi-Fi enabled Services then technology has finally caught up with you. There are some new alternatives to TV for vacationers and traveling professionals alike that offer some unique benefits for each category of traveler…but be wary because they also have their share of pitfalls!
By now you’ve probably seen any number of websites offering PC Satellite TV programs. So just what is PC Satellite TV? Well, PC Satellite TV runs on proprietary software that allows you to tap into some of the latest internet technology to watch thousands of different channels from around the world. PC Satellite TV includes a variety of programming: kid’s cartoons, educational documentaries, sports, movies, and even radio stations.
But like everything else, with PC Satellite TV there also comes a dark side to this technology for the consumer: The Internet Scammer.
Let me give you a bit of an idea of what the scam sites had in common:

    • Only a few channels to watch and guess what? They all sucked big time.
    • Pathetic picture quality (The image was so distorted I could hardly see a thing)
    • Links that lead to other sites asking more money for premium channels.
    • No full screen displays only a small 320×150 display.
    • No support whosoever!

And I’m just scratching the surface! I could go on forever exposing how these scam artists are making money from people looking to have a high definition TV on their PC.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of tempting reasons why these programs offer some unique benefits to vacationers who are planning one of those long road trips or the frequent business traveler as well as the Truck Driver. No matter which category of traveler you fall in, this new software offers something special just for you.Benefits Of PC Satellite TV For Truckers:

    • It’s a Tax write off – Yep, you Betcha! Didn’t know that? Well…with News and Weather Channels this becomes a tool for routing, just like your Satellite Radio, TomTom or GPS Tracking Software.
    • Saves Space – Face it, with such limited space in the sleepers of your trucks, any added storage space, like when you get rid of that bulky TV, is a Godsend! No strapping down or tightening straps to ensure your TV doesn’t go flying when you hit a pothole. When you are ready for bed just slip your laptop into its case, roll over and go to sleep. Use the extra space for clothes, food, or DVD’s!
    • Saves Money & Pays For Itself! – No more monthly Subscriptions! With the money you save from not paying subscriptions, this is a No Brainer! Just think what you could do with that extra $1000 a year you’ll be saving. Now you might even be able to afford that new Connex 4300HP you’ve had your eye on!
    • Saves Valuable Leisure Time – After 11 hours of driving you don’t have to work any longer connecting cables on your truck (with IdleAir) OR at home (with a Slingbox) -Turn on the Laptop at the end of the day and watch your favorite show, or the ball game!radio strap
    • Portability – Ever try to watch TV in the Truckstop while you are eating? You can’t ever seem to find an open table where you can hear what you are watching. Now you can take your TV into the Truckstop with you and watch it while you are eating dinner too!
    • Value of Versatility – Your laptop can also play music, burn CD’s to listen to while you are driving and play DVD MOVIES! Try doing all that with your TV!

Benefits of PC Satellite TV For the Camper or RVer:
Make that long road trip not so long by setting up your Wi-Fi enabled laptop with a DC to AC inverter plugged into a simple cigarette lighter and you have a continuous stream of programming. The cartoon networks are a great feature to keep children occupied, without having to fumble with DVD’s.
And if you are a Sports Enthusiast, with PC Satellite TV, you never have to miss a game ever again – no matter if the city you live in isn’t broadcasting your favorite team’s game, and don’t let that fact that the game is blacked out where you are stop you from watching anymore, simply watch it on your PC in digital quality.For the Business Traveler and Trucker alike, this simple entertainment medium becomes a new tool for routing with weather and news channels for up-to-the-minute traffic info and stocks – which also means your PC Satellite TV software can be used as a tax write off!
There are just as many reasons for wanting a PC Satellite TV system as there are scams out there, so when choosing which PC Satellite TV software to buy I recommend using Four Bulletproof Rules of Thumb to Spot a PC Satellite TV Scammer a mile away.

    • Look for a Money Back Guarantee.
    • Look for a Contact Links on the website and test them, because sometimes these links won’t even work and are just placed for show to cloak a Scammers activities from unsuspecting consumers.
    • Be sure to use the Contact Links on the website and ask them to clarify their warranty policy for you. If you don’t get an answer then more than likely you’ve got a Scammer. If you do get an answer, great! You now have their warranty policy in black and white linked to their website email address and there’s no denying it.
  • Be leery of software packages with subscriptions, more than likely there are any number of channels included with your software that you’ll also have to pay extra for and that’s on top of what you have already paid for your subscription just to use the software.




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