Online Education Good or Bad?

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Just like many other things around us, education has changed a lot in the past few years. One major change we have seen is in the method of education that has transferred from offline to online. By education, I mean every aspect including study resources, help, institutions and others. The most common and the best example of an internet education source is the Wikipedia that is probably the most widely used source of knowledge karnatakastateopenuniversity and information.

Education expanded its reach online starting from Wikipedia to many other educational websites and domains. These resources are now available in almost every format of the internet websites including Forums, News portals, Social media, Software and much more. Internet education has not only affected the lives of students, but also of everyone who belongs to this field in one way or another.

It depends on us how we see the effects of online study. In one way, it has expanded the limit of the education resources. Things and information that were once available only in books or were offered by schools/colleges are now available on the internet on just one click. You can study online, can prepare for any exam or can even appear for an online exam in the easiest possible way. There are available education resources and websites where students can find free study material for any exam in the world. You can learn internet almost anything with the help of free video tutorials, information on websites like Wikipedia and other resources.

On the other end, some people may think that online education has created a gap between two generations. Students are kind of forced to go online and use these websites if they do not find something in their books. In the course of eagerness, many students even access things that they are not supposed to access. Most of people, especially students have become addicted to the internet and have become almost irresponsible towards their personal life and duties. Many people also think that the internet has a dark side that is eating away their kids slowly. Despite of studying online, students engage in other irrelevant activities such as social media, shopping, chatting, etc.

There are several organizations devoting funds towards higher education scholarship. A primary obstacle for EWS, SC, ST and other marginalized sections in India is funds for education. Thus, this scholarship for higher education does attend to this need effectively. This effort can foster better career and life. It can be your ticket in the college and the career of your choice. There is no doubt. But, higher education scholarship empowers the financially weak sections in India. One of the most notable efforts in this segment is Narotam Sekhsaria scholarship programme.

Scholarship for higher studies is available for students meeting the qualifying criteria. But, distance education is available to all sections, ages and regions with digital technology. You can avail the best of higher education without visiting the university or college. This tool is extremely useful for students who cannot avail a higher scholarship or student loan. Videos, audios, texts and video-conferencing will allow people to acquire the requisite knowledge successfully. It is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge base and boost their careers. This is especially valuable to the economically weak section of society for two reasons.

These uncommon urban communities purpose behind more than 40 percent of understudies who qualified in the IIT JEE Advanced of the Indian Institutes of Technology in the not so distant future, with Jaipur comfortable top of the rundown, as indicated by an itemized investigation by the joint usage panel, discharged by IIT Kharagpur, the arranging IIT in 2014. Alternate helps urban areas with most number to remember fruitful competitors are Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Patna and Mumbai. The six urban communities represent 40. 07 for every penny of the hopefuls who qualified not long from now. While 1, 26, 995 competitors enrolled not long from now, 1, 19, 581 showed up in both papers and 27, 152 applicants qualified IIT JEE Advanced 2014.

From Jaipur, which involves the top position, 2, 780 understudies qualified as against 10, 116 enlistments. Likewise, 2, 349 qualified from Delhi as against 9, 385 enrollments, 2, 337 qualified from Hyderabad out of 8, 170 enlistments, 1, 448 qualified from Vijayawada out of 5, 275 enrollments and 1, 107 qualified from Patna as against 6, 425 enrollments. Mumbai, which possesses the sixth position, has 861 understudies qualifying as against 3, 257 enrollments.

IIT JEE Advanced 2014 was led under seven zonal IIts, in 98 urban areas and one core in Dubai. All these Information Leads to Help Students who take part in IIT JEE Preparation to be stay Update for IIT JEE News And Past. Truth be told, more than a large portion of the applicants who qualified in the not so distant future were from only 11 urban areas. The remaining urban communities incorporate Pune (730), Visakhapatnam (715), Indore (665), Kolkata (646) and Lucknow (631). The 11 urban communities represent 14, 269 or 52. 55 for every penny of the qualified competitors.

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