Hunter Leveling Guide – Leveling in WotLK For Hunters

In World of Warcraft many people choose hunter for leveling because hunters are the fastest and easiest leveling class without doubt. This is mainly, because of their numerous solo and pet abilities, which allow them to easily solo a higher level elite. But if you want to maximize your leveling speed I recommend you to read through this hunter leveling guide and discover the best talent build and gear for your hunter!


The best talent tree for leveling a hunter is the Beast Mastery. Beast Mastery tree provides a number of damaging abilities your pet, which will turn it into a war machine. but the most important is, that your pet will be able to tank the monsters for you. This is really important, because you will be able to damage and kill monsters without taking any damage. So with the combined damage of you and your pet, you will easily kill even the toughest elite mobs! Besides, with the ability called Mend Pet, you will be able to heal your pet. In the Beast Mastery tree, the lower tier talents are not really important. The most important talents are the Ferocity, which gives your pet a 10% passive increase to its critical strike chance and the Frenzy, which will give a huge boost to your pet’s damage if it is combined with Ferocity. But, the most important talent is the Intimidation, which will allow your pet to stun the target, so you can escape or you can deal decent amount of damage to the mob while stunned,


I feel, determining the best leveling gear for a hunter is one of the main tasks of a good hunter leveling guide. Due to the numerous survival abilities you have, you should only focus on increasing your overall damage. Thus, your most important statistic will be the agility, as it increases  your attack power, critical strike rating and dodge rating. So, try to get as many items, which provide agility as possible. Besides, there are other items, which give you critical strike rating and attack power. In some cases, these items can be really good, especially if these are combined with items providing agility.


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