Have you ever Thought about Building Your own PC?

If you like computers and decided that it is time for an upgrade, but nothing on display in the shops actually tickles your fancy; then why not design and build your very own computer system? It is not as difficult as it sounds; these days there are many outlets selling everything you need to build a fantastic computer system at an inexpensive price.

Why Bother?

Take a look at the run of the mill PC system that is on offer at your local computer store. It may have a great processor, a lovely video card but the RAM is freelancers marketplace for selling services too low for your specs. You may find a system that caters for all of the above, but the case is not your cup of tea. The fact is that you will rarely if ever find a PC that ticks all of the boxes. So with that in mind; let’s have a look at how to build one that is!

Tower Case

This is the box that holds all of the parts; it is the only part that you will see; as well as the screen/keyboard and mouse, so it should look the business. You may as well choose this item first and use it as a first step. Just pick a case that is large enough and has enough slots for all of your components.


Try to get the best one you can, and take into account what it is you want your machine to do. If you are a gaming addict; you should be looking for a dual processor with the latest interfaces to mate up with top of the range graphics/video cards. Look at the speed as well as the type of processor – AMD is usually a good choice.

Hard drive

Bigger is definitely better for this component, you should be aiming for one terabyte as a good specification. You can also get external hard drives if your movie or photo collection gets out of hand!


If your old PC tends to grind to a halt when you are multitasking, then you should look at the RAM specifications. To play current games, you will need at least four gig of RAM. If you just use the PC for surfing; then two gigs will be OK. You can always add RAM to the computer as long as you have the slots available.

Video Card

Another important feature for the gamers amongst you; try to get the best one you can if you love playing ‘shoot ’em up’ games. Nvidea/GEforce are the market leaders.

DVD Drive

One of the cheapest items on the list, but ensure it has read/write facility for when you want to overwrite old movies.

You should be aiming for a twenty inch flat screen with USB input options; they are reasonably priced these days. Remember to bear you available desk space when choosing one though.


You can get a smart wireless system for only a few dollars more than the hard wired option. Again, you should think about the available physical area and may prefer a compact keyboard.


If you have any enquiries then just ask at your local PC shop; they will even be happy to assemble the parts into a complete system for you if you ask them nicely!

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