Druid Spells – Entangling Roots and Instant Grasp

The Entangling Roots spell is the first spell of its type that a young Druid in the world of Warcraft gets in his spell book. This type of spell is commonly called a crowd control spell (CC) and is used to stop a monster or enemy player in its tracks. On top of immobilizing someone, or something, there is also a damage over time (DoT) aspect to the spell as well. Once an enemy is caught in the Entangling Roots spell they are held still for 12 to 27 seconds depending on your level and take damage over that entire time.

Like most everything else in the game Roots is not a sure thing. There is always a chance that the enemy will “break” roots before the entire time is https://www.laweekly.com/break-up-spell-or-everything-you-wanted-to-know/ up. When an enemy who is rooted is struck by melee, ranged or spell damage there is a chance that the spell will break. There is also a random chance of the spell breaking as well. This is something to pay attention to as you don’t want to root something and then head off to the bathroom as you may come back to a pathetic little corpse! It’s a great spell but you can’t always count on it holding.

Instant Grasp is simply a variation on the method of casting the Entangling Roots spell. Where the standard spell has a cast time of 1. 5 seconds Instant Grasp is, as the name implies, an instant cast spell that can be cast on the run. Instant Grasp is actually cast on yourself as opposed to an enemy. Once this spell is active any creature that hits you within 45 seconds will be rooted! This makes is super handy for running out of those tight spots. If you get in trouble and are running your little Druid butt out of a bad situation with a bad guy hitting you from behind pop Instant Grasp and your attacker will be rooted, allowing you to shamefully run away crying in peace. Remember that this spell can be cast in your animal forms!

The root spell is very handy and you’ll find many uses for it as you level up. A few examples…

If you are taking a lot of damage in a fight simply root your enemy, step back and heal yourself, re-buff and eat or drink.

When in a fight against one monster and another joins in (called an “add”) you’ll want to root the second guy so you can finish off the first bad guy.

When up against a very strong opponent you may want to “cook” him for a bit. To cook a monster (mob) you will cast one or several DoT’s on him, for example Moonfire and Insect Swarm, and then root him. The mob will be stuck there for a while as his health slowly leaks away. This is often combined with you healing yourself at the same time… multitasking!

When in a group you may root a mob that is attacking your party’s healer or other weaker member so they can get away from him.

As you can image there are tons of good uses for this spell. Just keep in mind that with great rooting power comes great responsibility. In a group situation, especially at low levels, it is almost assumed that the Druid will be in charge of CC so be ready for it!

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