Crafts With Candy Boxes

Can’t get enough candy? Novelty candy is all the rage this year. best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression Craft unforgettable goody bags, unique swag, and original holiday favors with a wide selection of weird, goofy, adorable and delicious candy, available at a fantastic premium in generous value packs. Combine your crafty spirit and penchant for giving gifts with candy, one thing that can be counted on to be loved universally.

Gummy Hot Dogs – Case

Craving a delicious summertime treat? Try a hot dog! Why stop at one? Get a case of 60 and share with friends! Great in gift packs, as party favors or for a sweet fix whenever the craving hits. These tasty summer-inspired hotdog gummies come wrapped in a fluffy, sweet marshmallow bun and are sure to delight anyone from age 8 to 88. Pick yours up today and you’ll never look at a barbecue the same way again.

Gummy Burgers – Case

If Gummy Hot Dogs give you a thrill, you’ll love these delicious gummies inspired by the nation’s favorite sandwich – the hamburger! Don’t bother hauling home charcoal for the grill – these summertime treats are ready to eat right out of the package. Enjoy a cool, fluffy marshmallow bun wrapped around sweet gummy patties inside. Perfect for long days by the pool, picnics, parties, crafts, gags and more. best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression

Wax Lips – Case

Do you remember how much fun it was coming home after a long night of trick-or-treating, ripping the paper off a fresh pair of wax lips, biting down and indulging in a giggle fest with your pals? These nostalgic, totally authentic wax lips haven’t gone anywhere. Bring them back into your life with a case of 24. Introduce the magic of big, goofy, chewable wax lips to a whole new generation of goofballs and candy lovers. The recipe is the same, and at this high premium, you’ll find their sentimental value is priceless. Let your inner child come out and play with a classic set of hilarious red wax lips.

Gold Rocks Gum – Case

Stuck on boring mints and hopelessly adult sticks of sugar free gum? Shake things up by chomping down on a handful of gold nuggets. Chewy, sweet and firm enough to lock you for first place in any bubble-blowing competition, Gold Rocks are the mother lode in fun. A soft cotton sack contains a generous handful of nuggets, so you can even tote them on your key ring or belt. A guaranteed hit with kids and kids at heart.


Remember the simple joy of biting off the caps of those little wax bottles and releasing the sweet, brightly colored nectar inside? Relive the magic by picking up a case of classic Nik-L-Nip. It’s still the same stuff your grandparents bought with pennies at the five-and-dime, still a sticky, delicious treat and still available in that familiar rainbow of fruit-juicy colors. Introduce your kids to the pleasures of Nik-L-Nip and enjoy your status as the coolest, sweetest parent in the neighborhood.

Mallo Cups – Case

Who doesn’t love Mallo Cups? Creamy chocolate on the outside, fluffy marshmallow on the inside. There’s no improving on perfection. Get your fix whenever craving strikes by stockpiling a few of these generous, high-value cases (24 to a box). A great, unexpected handout for Halloween, birthday parties or any occasion for lovers of delicious, nostalgic candy-licious treats.

U-No Bars – Case

What’s a U-No Bar? If you’ve never experience the taste sensation and decadent mouthfeel of these world-class bars, beloved by a generation of sweet-teeth, you are in for a treat. Luxurious chocolate mousse coated in sweet, addictive milk chocolate, U-Nos are a must taste for candy lovers everywhere. Enjoy a dreamy mouthful of U-No anytime by stocking up with a case of 24. Your tastebuds will thrill to this luscious combo, completely rebooting your standard of deliciousness forever.

Chick-O-Stix – Case

Conceived in Texas and beloved for their satisfying crunch and sweet, offbeat, melt-in-your-mouth taste. Chick-O-Stix’ combination of delicious peanut butter, creamy toffee and satisfying coconut sprinkles made them a major player in the starting lineup of classic American candy treats. A satisfying crispy base makes them fantastic for a quick energy boost or fun lunchbox dessert. Lasso a case of 24 today and let the good times roll!

Candy Cigarettes – Case

A vintage prop that’s great for kids’ plays as well as a sweet, minty nibble anytime. These low-cal treats come in beautifully designed, classic packaging. Keep them around for spontaneous one-acts and candy dish-friendly, hilarious snacks for guests whose James Dean impersonations need a little extra touch of authenticity. There’s a candy-perfect way to make every moment special, and with this case of 24 packs at the ready, you can be sure never to miss an opportunity for sweet, melt-on-your-tongue fun.

Add a little whimsy and sweetness to you and your friends’ lives with some of these beloved candy throwbacks now.

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