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With less than a week until Christmas the president of the UN, Ali Abdussalam Treki, has called an emergency session of the United nations to meet this weekend in Hawaii. He is deploring all the leaders of the world to attend so that Christmas may be saved african news. He also noted that the weather this time of year on Oahu is just wonderful and the waves are breaking with some very nice tubes, in case any one wants to bring their surfboards.

The elves in the North Pole, at the Christmas complex, are starting to talk. One elf, Peter Pumpernickel, says they miss Santa tremendously and want him to come back. They have taken up a collection to help with the payback of the bailout money Santa has taken from the us government. They came up with $7. 23. This does not seem like much, but they don’t really make a lot of money as it is. They also say that when Santa returns to the North Pole he will be given all the support possible in order to kick his cookie addiction that put the first Bank of the North Pole into bankruptcy and led to this Christmas disaster.

The SCEP, Secret Cookie Elfin Project, is in talks with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. It is thought that the talks are progressing well and the elves may lay down their candy canes and surrender to US forces any time now. This is great news and a major move forward in peace talks. The Christmas compound has been surrounded for the last week by US Marines. One marine, on condition of anonymity, says his troops just want to go home and celebrate Christmas with their family, but the President has asked them to do a job and they must obey orders.

Santa is still thought to be in the Cayman Islands in a rehabilitation clinic that specializes in food addictions. We got through to his counselor, who said Santa is progressing along nicely. He has been put on a diet of low fat cookies and 2% milk. Santa is stated as saying he is determined to get this cookie problem under control and have his finances in order before Christmas, so he does not let the children of the world down.

We are treated to well-financed and hopefully well-intentioned campaigns, cautioning us to ensure that only diamonds with a specific seal are guilt-free. I am not trying to belittle the well-intentioned process, but something is missing here. Let us look at the regulators and how they issue their certification.

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, or KPCS for short, originated from a meeting of Southern African diamond producing states in Kimberley, Northern Cape in May 2000. Three years later an official certification process took place. From its official commencement date in 2003, in order for a country to be a participant, it must ensure that any diamond originating from the country does not finance an entity seeking to overthrow a UN-recognized government, or a rebel group. KPCS also mandates that every diamond export be accompanied by a Kimberley Process certificate proving that no diamond is imported from, or exported to, a non-member of the scheme. In the corporate world, that is called “restraint of trade. ” When Uncle Gates tried something similar, other computer programme sellers filed suit and won.

As a reporter news-hound, when i computed the cost of printing the brochures and the cost of the advertisement campaign, I decided to do some investigative digging. It is my duty to dig. First of all, poor farmers work an average of 16 hours per day, risking their lives in some cases, trying to find one piece of rock big enough to feed their families. They do so in an environment where such entrepreneurial acts are prohibited or controlled mostly. Secondly, the odds are not in their favour; thirdly, the last time I checked the price of an automatic attack rifle, it would take a village of approximately10, 000 people working approximately 20 hours per day for at least 10 years to find enough diamonds to purchase 100 semi-automatic rifles.

A very troubling and recurring unanswered question caused me to pursue the truth. I found wonderful research by fellow journalists, documenting their results that germs, as opposed to people, were responsible for, and will continue to cause the rape of Africa. Others posit that the discovery of steel caused the nation to slice downwards, and others still, believe and teach that guns (by themselves)did the damage.

I have no way of challenging their hypotheses, nor would I. However, I have found over 50 prophecies in the Hebrew Torah about a branch of Abraham’s seed predestined to be shipped by sea and enslaved for 400 year-periods. The people and resources would be plundered repeatedly. However the texts did not say how that would happen. The Torah only gave the duration of the rape and plunder. It would continue to happen “Unless they returned to the provisions of the Covenant of Abraham. “

Finding the scriptural prophecies were not sufficient for me, I needed to understand the type of human spirit that would enslave a people and brazenly take their resources, devalue their currencies, and then warn people not to buy their goods unless the seed of the people who did the aforementioned approved the sale. What is more alarming is that the world body politic accepts that without challenge. Something very deep and sinister has to be functioning beneath the surface of such warnings. Had I not done my own research and found the fulfillment of prophecies concerning such, I would have believed any writer who posited that aliens kidnapped some people and took over their minds.

According to published and accepted theories, guns, germs and steel decided on their own accord to target Africans; since then, the killing and milking of their resources have become habitual. As a fellow writer, even though I had a hard time swallowing that, I respect my colleagues’ theses. However, none of those works answered my basic question: What could possess specific nations and their seed to pursue Africans, their lands, peoples, and their resources relentlessly for 400-year periods?

Sequential coding of letters of male heirs of Abraham revealed interesting prophetic pronouncements. Those from a specific point A to a reference point G matched known and documented history. Those from specific reference points M to point Z matched recorded history. However, whereas many historic records were lost from library burnings, theft and destruction of parchments, sequential decoding of male seed heirs allowed missing pieces to be replaced. Those codes are deciphered and revealed in “The Golden Fleece Found!. “

Without the Torah explanations, the one-sidedness practiced by countries trading or working with Africa cannot or does not make sense. Where is the clause from the governments that are signatories to the same process promising not to commit genocide? Where are the clauses from the participating members pledging that if they use funds received from the honourable diamond trade to deprive medical supplies to their poor folks, or medicinal supplies to those in need, that Interpol has the right to confiscate the property and the funds?

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