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Shiatsu is an old Japanese healing method and is gaining more and more popularity. If you did not know, Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” Unlike other massages, where hard friction is used, Shiatsu uses lots of pressure and stretching techniques and it is believed that is the key to relief. This practice uses the hands, the palms, fingers, thumbs and knuckles. The elbows, knees and the feet are also used to work on the body’s acupuncture points which what is considered the body’s energy channels. Shiatsu massage is considered a preventive medicine and is safe and effective. This type of massage helps to balance the energy flow and strengthens our vital organs.

It is a belief in Shiatsu, that disease is the result of the unbalance of energy. Shiatsu works in conjunction with well-known Chinese acupuncture because it shares many 타이마사지 of the same things. It is considered that there are two energy forces for all, the Yin, or negative, and the Yang, or positive. The human body runs off a number of vital organs that are affected by the Yin and the Yang. There is a belief that in a healthy person, unbalanced energy allows disease to take over.

A practitioner has a patient lie on the mat, wearing comfortable, movable clothing. This person will use all parts of his hands, elbows, knees, and feet to work on balancing your body. Pressure is then applied to certain points to correct the imbalance. Shiatsu will affect the entire human being, there will be a physical and a spiritual change and this experience may induce a number of reactions while being manipulated during the massage. These reactions will let you know that you have moved on from your past and all of those negatives feelings in a brighter, positive future.

Shiatsu massages are being used for a number of different ailments, such as respiratory problems, digestive problems, headaches and leg cramps and can help with many other problems you may be having. Shiatsu is getting more and more popular and these mats are selling quickly.

The best Shiatsu Thai Massage Mats are made with untreated cotton batting and natural cotton canvas. It should be wide enough for both the practitioner and the patient to work and stretch out comfortably. 3″ of cotton batting is important because it provides for ample cushioning yet light enough to be portable. Perfect for Shiatsu, Thai massage, sleep overs and even road trips! The mat should be at least 54″ x 80″ and can be found as big as 66″x 80″.

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