5 Tips For the Absolute Best Colon Cleanse

The best colon cleanse for you will suit your lifestyle, your level of health and the amount of time and money you want to spend on it. There are many ways to cleanse your body from using just foods to doing a full-on fasting program. But do you really need to help your body do this?

We have been told as a society for years that you don’t have to do a colon cleanse or help your body detoxify at all. This is like saying, you don’t have to exercise to stay in shape and you don’t have to eat nutritious foods to keep your body healthy. Our bodies need help to keep in shape and to stay healthy, naturally.

If you thought that your body could do a colon cleanse itself, all by itself, then you were misled. While this idea may be true for someone in tip-top shape, the reality is that most of us carry stress, eat foods that are not so good for us, and may not exercise like we should. This can cause your body, including your colon and entire digestive tract, to not work as strongly as it should.

This is where a colon cleanse comes in. But, how do you know which is the best colon cleanse program for you? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Tip 1 – Educate yourself about your body and general anatomy of your internal organs – especially those that cleanse and detoxify. You may think that your body is uniquely different, but the reality is that we are all the same. Your organs are meant to do the same thing as your neighbors’ and so on. The uniqueness lies in the fact that we all were born with different weaknesses in different organs. Learning about the organs, how they work and how they affect your life and health may be a good first step in knowing which type of cleanse, how intensely to cleanse, and how long to cleanse will work for you.

Tip 2 – Learn about different cleansing herbs and supplements, why they are used and how they work. It might not seem important that you know these, but you would be surprised at how different each is. For example, many herbs are considered condensed vegetables in that they are nature-made and packed with nutrition. Then there are supplements which may be herbs  油麻地通渠 picked apart and re-formulated in the laboratory making them more intense and possibly having side-effects. Knowing the difference will help you decide what colon cleansing products to use.

Tip 3 – Learn about how foods, in general, affect your system. Many people don’t realize that some breads no only make them fat, but may even lead to diabetes. On the other hand, eating plenty of raw vegetables can help you metabolize other foods more efficiently. This doesn’t mean you need a degree in nutrition – but learning which foods cleanse your colon may help you to save money and time on your body cleanse.

Tip 4 – Learn about your specific health issues and how they affect your organs that cleanse and detoxify. You might be surprised to find out that a lot of your problem starts in your digestive tract – or not. If you take pharmaceuticals, it would be very wise to work with your doctor to ensure the herbs and drugs don’t cause a bad reaction to your health.

Tip 5 – If you can afford it, find a health practitioner in your area that has experience in colon cleansing. This person may also provide services that supplement your cleanse, such as colonics, massage, lymphatic drainage or acupuncture. This may help expedite your cleanse, lessen side-effects, and help you overcome any health issues you may be struggling with.

The important theme in all of the above is to educate yourself on the process of body cleansing and detoxification so that you can find your best colon cleanse. Spending a few dollars on a book or to educate yourself can save you thousands of dollars on practitioners that may use expensive tests to find out what you may be able to learn on your own. Knowledge is truly a golden key to excellent health.


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